Another Splendid Crop of BOWIE FAN-tastic Tweets

June 11th, 2017 | by Nick
Another Splendid Crop of BOWIE FAN-tastic Tweets

I think I’m going to make [the audience] work a lot harder on this next tour. They’re going to be–we’re all going to be working together….I feel it’s more stimulating if you go to the theater or go and see a show and you’ve put a bit of effort into what’s happening rather than…impress me! (David Bowie – 1987 Never Let Me Down Electronic Press Kit for Glass Spider Tour, 10:24-11:13)

My last post, “Time to Start Cherry-Picking Favorite Bowie Fan Tweets?”, featured a collection of delightful Bowie fan tweets. Most are hilarious, a couple are touched with a twinge of sadness, all are creative and affectionate. You’d probably have to be a faithful fan to fully appreciate some of them, though, especially the ones based on Bowie’s lyrics or life events.

For this current crop, I thought I’d stick mostly to self-explanatory tweets. Not that anything Bowie is totally self-explanatory, right? Not the lyrics, not the melodies, not the art or the artistry, not his appearance, and certainly not his still-stunning exit. He wanted us to work for our enjoyment, in other words, knowing that half of our pleasure would come from the effort we put into “getting it now.”

So let’s start off with a straightforward message. Posted by Iman, it just says what it has to say, to which Iman adds a heartfelt amen.

Picture 2 on this one takes us on a pleasant trip down memory lane. As you read the shirt, you’ll no doubt hear snatches of each song echoing in your head.

Typing “just like that bluebird” into the Twitter search form brings up countless tweets. Here’s a gorgeous expression of that longing.

This next one comes partly from one of my favorite performances on the Glass Spider Tour.  Here, Patricia gracefully combines a scene from the tour with a line from You-Know-What.

Typing “David Bowie saved my life” into a Twitter search form with the date 2016 also brings up countless tweets. Some of them refer to David himself, others to a time in the tweeter’s life, a Bowie song, one of his albums. Even though the phrase doesn’t show up as often this year, chances are that fans who felt this way at one point in their lives will always remember why.

Wouldn’t you love to have this as a framed picture on one of your walls? I could definitely make room for it at my house. It can surely be read in a number of ways, but I’m seeing it as yet another version of DB saved my life.

Speaking of songs echoing in your head, who can read the words on this handsome poster without hearing the entire song? I’m gonna pick on you and say I’ll bet after you read the chorus, you went on to the next verse in your head or started over again!

If you’ve read or are working on David’s 100 books, you’ve got something to be proud of. That’s a mighty fearsome list! I read some of the easier ones years ago in school, but it’ll take me a few more years to get through the others, since I don’t expect to be in school again any time soon.

Our favorite couple before they became a couple. (Do you also see Duncan and Lexi in these two youngsters?)

Ending with a touching tribute poem from Helen.

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