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David Bowie – Boys Keep Swinging (Tony Visconti 2017 Mix)

April 27th, 2019 | by admin
David Bowie – Boys Keep Swinging (Tony Visconti 2017 Mix)

David Bowie • Boys Keep Swinging • Tony Visconti 2017 Remix • 1979

Audio and video sources:
• David Bowie • Boys Keep Swinging • Tony Visconti 2017 Remix • from the album Lodger 2017
• David Bowie • Boys Keep Swinging official video • Directed by David Mallet • 1979

David Bowie • vocals, guitar
Adrian Belew • guitar
Dennis Davis • bass guitar
Tony Visconti • bass guitar
Carlos Alomar • drums
Brian Eno • piano
Simon House • violin
Tony Visconti & David Bowie • Production
Tony Visconti • Remix

Forty years ago today, on the 27th of April 1979, “Boys Keep Swinging”, David Bowie’s long-awaited new single was in the shops.

Boys Keep Swinging is a very personal record for me. At that time, I was a young kid who was crazy about David Bowie. I’d being playing Stage to death, since buying it when it was released, the previous year. So yes, you bet I went straight out with my pocket money, to my local record shop to buy my copy of Boys Keep Swinging.

Thinking about those days, I would have been at school on a Friday. So I guess I probably bought Boys Keep Swinging on the Saturday morning. I usually went to Croydon, our local town, with my Dad on the Saturday morning anyway, to do the grocery shopping at Surrey Street Market. I don’t recall which record shop I went to. The only record shop in Croydon I can remember from those days was Beanos, an extraordinary and life-changing universe, itself situated in Surrey Street Market. Beanos was a second hand shop, where incidentally I’d bought most of my back-cat Bowie’s, but they wouldn’t have had Boys… on the day of release.

By the early 80’s Croydon had an Our Price and a Virgin, and by about ’83 I was working behind the counter in that Virgin store. It was the dream job. Those were the wonderful days when you could smoke behind the counter, and play hip and weird music all day that most of the customers would hate. And best of all, if a customer gave you any shit about the music, you could just act like a condescending asshole to them.

Anyway, I digress. After such a long wait for new Bowie gear, I think I remember being somewhat underwhelmed at first by the Boys Keep Swinging single. I don’t remember why exactly. Perhaps, Boys… seemed too much of a throwaway and ironic pop song, whereas I’d been expecting more of a dark and serious rocker – another Blackout or Beauty and the Beast? Perhaps I didn’t get the murky and muted, lo-fi sound? Or maybe it was because the single didn’t rock quite like the stomping raw “live” version I’d seen on The Kenny Everett Show, earlier in the week?

Boys Keep Swinging did grow on me of course, and like all the great Bowie records of the 70’s, it soon became indelibly burnt into my soul.

I haven’t had to do much to produce this video. The Tony Visconti remix is a little longer than the original, so there was a little manipulation to accommodate that. Not much else really. In fact, the graphic for the cover photo probably took as long to do as the video editing! Perhaps because this vid required so much less effort than most, is the reason I’m not feeling inclined to bore you with the usual historical data overload.

I also don’t want to offer an opinion about the merits / demerits of the remix. I still haven’t really come to a firm conclusion anyway. And perhaps the primary object of the exercise here, was to have the 2017 mix synced to Mallet’s classic video, in order to make the differences between the two versions more vivid for us.

Hope you dig it!

Nacho, April 27th, 2019.

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