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Unheard demos of David Bowie and Mick Ronson performing Starman, Moonage Daydream, Hang On To Yourself up for auction in March!

February 19th, 2019 | by admin


*Update* the lot sold for £41,000 today at auction (12th March)

This remarkable collection of recordings were collated by Mick Ronson on a 5″ EMITAPE reel 2 reel containing 18 tracks (taped on both sides) of Bowie & Ronson recordings that went on to feature on “Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars” along with some on David Bowie’s releases. All tracks would have been recorded either direct onto a reel 2 reel or at Trident studios during the Summer and later months of 1971. The reel of tape is made up of numerous pieces of tape that have been connected with leader tape resulting in 1 or 2 second gaps between tracks. The 3 important tracks are unheard demos of Starman (4 minutes 31 seconds), Moonage Daydream (4 minutes 35 seconds) and Hang Onto Yourself (2 minutes 10 seconds). In addition to these 3 unheard demos, other tracks include Five Years, Rock & Roll Suicide, Round & Round, Amsterdam, Holy Holy, Ziggy Stardust, Velvet Goldmine, Soul Love and Lady Stardust along with some small sections of chat and harmonising. The total length of the recording is approximately 44 minutes. The tape was given to Kevin Hutchinson (the vendor) in late 1971 by Mick Ronson. Kevin was a friend and neighbour of Mick Ronson’s from Hull who at the time was a budding 15/16 year old musician writing his own songs. Kevin spent time with Mick (at Mick’s house) working on a variety of both Kevin and Mick’s own songs. One of Kevin’s songs included “Hey Saturn” which Mick recorded at Trident Studios (see lot 449). With Kevin looking to find a recording deal himself Mick gave Kevin the tape suggesting he learn the tracks as it would put him in good stead going forward and may even lead to him working with Bowie & The Spiders from Mars. Kevin spent the night learning the tracks and the next day gave a rendition in Mick’s living room to Mick and his mother – they were very impressed!. The reel is currently housed in a card reel 2 reel box with sticker on the outside that reads “David Bowie Rehearsal Tape”

*(Listen to a clip of Starman demo above)*

Listen to a clip of Moonage Daydream demo here

Listen to a clip of Hang On To Yourself demo here

**Please note that the acetate and its contents are being sold as an artefact only and that no copyright is included with the sale.

The auction is taking place on March 12th/13th at Omega Auctions.

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