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David Bowie – Bring Me the Disco King with Mike Garson (A Reality Tour, Tokyo – March 9th, 2004)

July 2nd, 2020 | by admin

Amazing! Please do me a favor and share this with the world! A piano student of mine in London shared this amazing video of David and me on tour in Japan. I didn’t even know this existed! Disco King is a relatively unknown and hidden treasure and this is one of the most interesting versions I’ve ever heard! The solo at the end of this one is very fresh. I had never done this ending before and David got a big kick out of what I played. He even asked me to repeat it  – so I did! We recorded four entirely different arrangements of Bring Me the Disco King over a 10 year period: once for Black Tie White Noise, again for Earthling and then a version for the Reality album – none of which ended up being released. At the last minute in desperation, when we were wrapping up the Reality album, David asked me to give it one more go – just the two of us. It was this one that landed on the Reality album as the definitive version. This live version is an extension of that one – possibly even better than the original. I’d love to hear the other versions released someday as they were all quite good in their own way. David just blows me away here. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. This was such a remarkable duet. To be able to have created that with him in that moment was so special. What a gift this is. Seeing this now in 2020 once again reminds me how much we don’t appreciate what we have when we have it…


Via Mike Garson.

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