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David Bowie – Five Years (Live the Dinah! Show, Los Angeles, 9th February 1976)

August 16th, 2020 | by admin
David Bowie – Five Years (Live the Dinah! Show, Los Angeles, 9th February 1976)
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David Bowie and the ’76 live band, close to the start of the Station To Station Tour, perform a moving version of Five Years for a U.S. daytime television audience. It is surely one of the finest TV performances of Bowie’s career.

The performance was part of Bowie’s appearance on the popular Dinah! show, hosted by singer and actress Dinah Shore. He also performed Stay, and was interviewed extensively and chatted with the other guests.

The show was recorded at CBS Television City in Fairfax, Los Angeles, during the run of LA shows at The Forum. The show broadcast on 3rd of March 1976.

News guy wept when he told us…

This video is part of an ongoing process of refining and re-uploading some of my oldies that Vimeo abruptly took down earlier this year. These days due to copyright restrictions and risk aversion, there aren’t many of the conventional options left for uploading some of my videos. Thus far thankfully, I’ve had no trouble with my channel on Russian host site

I wish we had a pristine version of the extraordinary Dinah! Performance of 5 years – of the entire show actually – but failing that, here’s the best I could come up with, cobbling together a variety of sources.

Hope you dig it!


David Bowie • Five Years • Recorded live on the Dinah! Show • CBS Television City • Fairfax, Los Angeles • 9th February 1976 • Broadcast 3rd of March 1976 • NBC / 20th Century Fox Television


David Bowie • Vocals
Carlos Alomar • Guitar
Dennis Davis • Drums
Tony Kaye • Keyboards
George Murray • Bass
Stacey Heydon • Guitar

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