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Shel Talmy talks of 8 completely unreleased David Bowie tracks he has and wants to release

August 10th, 2020 | by admin
Shel Talmy talks of 8 completely unreleased David Bowie tracks he has and wants to release

This is an update on the recordings I produced with David in the mid-1960s that Bowie fans may not know about, apart from the usual Internet rumors!

First, you’ll find links here to the tracks by The Manish Boys and “Davy Jones”, as he was then, that we released back in 1965, to remind old and new fans how good David was–before he was “discovered” several years later.

The Manish Boys – I Pity The Fool

The Manish Boys – Take My Tip

Davy Jones [and The Lower Third] –  You’ve Got A Habit Of Leaving

Davy Jones [and The Lower Third] –  Baby Loves That Way

In the early 1990s, Rhino Records reissued these four tracks, along with a handful more from my archives.

Now, with his passing, Bowie is “hotter” than ever, and there is a great demand for anything he recorded.

The good news for Bowie fans is that I have a further 8 completely unreleased David Bowie tracks that I produced in my files, kept in secure storage for many years.

For security reasons, these tracks have never even been played for anybody in their entirety, and are unknown to even the most ardent Bowie-philes.

Now I would like to make this material available, and my intention for this project is for my team and I to be involved and to enter into a deal with a major label.

My attorneys and I have been negotiating with several interested parties, including the Bowie Estate.

So far, unfortunately, it’s been very slow-going, and as of this date, I have nothing positive to report.

To all you Bowie fans, worldwide, I’m letting you know I’m trying my best to get this done, and before anybody says “Yeah but”…

I absolutely admit and acknowledge how much this will also benefit me personally!

My colleague, Alec Palao, is preparing a detailed outline expanding upon what I’ve written, that he hopes to have published soon.

We hope to accomplish something that will satisfy all parties– especially Bowie fans!

Via Shel Talmy on Facebook today.

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