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Gail Ann Dorsey is now on Patreon

January 31st, 2021 | by admin

Greetings, All! I am Gail Ann Dorsey. My 30+ year career as a bass player and vocalist has taken many different turns and included many different incarnations and collaborations with many different artists. Some are legendary, some a little lesser known, and some are somewhere in between, but all tremendously gifted and vital to the fabric and foundation of modern music. I am eternally grateful to all of the amazing artists who have mentored me, celebrated my contributions, and lovingly invited me into their Creative Universe. Now the time has come for me to re-imagine and re-create a Musical Universe of my own!

99% of my working life has been spent in recording studios, and on stages around the world, singing and playing in front of jubilant, music loving concert goers, sharing music in its most potent and vibrant setting- LIVE! Sadly, that dynamic has been temporarily suspended, but the positive in this scenario is that it has led me here to Patreon, giving me a vast playground to explore and share the re-awakening of my own musical expression, something that being “on the road” left me little time to do.

The turtle, eventually, slowly extends its head out of its shell and looks around at a new world… sleepily, but all senses fully engaged, cautiously examining the path ahead. Then, the turtle, with its natural amour intact, proceeds to move steadily and assuredly towards its infinite and unknown future, for there is no finish line in this story…

I’ve created this Patreon campaign to invite my fellow lovers of music, art, cinema, the written word, and of course the bad-ass bass to take part in this new artistic journey with me. Together let us create a respectful, loving, and inspirational meeting place where we can share ideas and experiences, and hopefully create some fun and joyful memories along the way… I feel blessed to have this opportunity to connect with you, and I am always thankful for your warm support. Peace.

You can join Gail on Patreon here

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