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David Bowie – Right (Nacho Promo, Take Four)

March 8th, 2021 | by Nick
David Bowie – Right (Nacho Promo, Take Four)

This video is a new remake of my 2016 David Bowie Right Promo video – an edit and sync of 1974 BBC L.A. rehearsal footage, cut to “Right” from Bowie’s 1975 album “Young Americans”.

In the footage, we see Bowie and his singers in September ’74, rehearsing Right, at Cherokee Studios, in Los Angeles.

Featured in the video are:
David Bowie
Luther Vandross
Robin Clark
Ava Cherry
Anthony Hinton
Mike Garson (Keyboards)
Charlie Brown (Saxophone)

The footage was shot for the 1975 BBC David Bowie documentary “Cracked Actor”, which was produced and directed by Alan Yentob. The colour portions of the footage were used in Cracked Actor. The black and white sections was first utilized in Francis Whateley’s 2013 BBC documentary, “David Bowie: Five Years”.

Doing it Right – a convoluted little history of The Right Promo, and of dodging the dreaded copyright logarithms

One Saturday morning five years ago, soon after Bowie passed away, I found myself once again watching Francis Whateley’s great “David Bowie: Five Years” documentary. Suddenly, the black and white footage of Bowie and his singers rehearsing in ’74 jumped out of the screen at me. Despite the original sound being almost totally obscured by the interview voices, I realised the footage offered the possibility of making a video for my favorite track from Young Americans. So I set to work, and after a long editing session, a rough cut had been produced of the “Right” video. I could hardly believe my eyes – it was great! I asked myself, can it really be that simple?

By February the 13th, I felt the “Right” video was finished, and I uploaded it to my fledgling YouTube channel. YouTube’s logarithms quickly detected that the copyright of the footage belonged to the BBC. However, after filing a standard YouTube fair-use claim, by February 16th the video was released and viewable.

I waited to see what / if there would be any reaction. Almost immediately, views and enthusiastic comments cascaded in. To my astonishment Carlos Alomar featured it on his site, and Mike Garson got in touch to ask if he could feature it on his! In March, a kind soul wrote to say that they’d seen my video on the big screen at The Odeon, Leicester Square as part of Adam Buxton’s Bowie Bug video tour. “It was the best video of the night… a full cinema applauded your work”, that nice person wrote. In April, I was in the UK and caught one of the Bowie Bug video live shows. It was a thrilling moment when Adam Buxton introduced my video and he and I had a brief exchange.

The Right promo spent three happy years on my YouTube channel, amassing over 700,000 views and 10,000 likes and comments.

But then in 2019, I heard that the BBC objected to the video, and soon it was blocked on YouTube, having been “manually detected”.

Thereafter, I received many requests to repost the video elsewhere. And so, I remade Right adding the addendum [Redux] and posted it on my Vimeo channel, which had been trouble-free up to that point.

In February 2020, Vimeo in their infinite wisdom, without warning or explanation deleted every music video from my channel, including Right.

I tried posting Right to my DailyMotion channel, but it was immediately blocked on there too.

And so, after another round of tinkering, here’s a fourth version of the Right promo, uploaded to my Russian channel, which is apparently free (for the moment at least) of the usual copyright restrictions.

Thanks for watching, hope you dig it!


Video Source:
BBC documentaries:
Cracked Actor • 1975 • Directed by Alan Yentob
David Bowie: Five Years • 2013 • Directed by Francis Whateley
David Bowie: The Last Five Years • 2016 • Directed by Francis Whateley

Music Source:
David Bowie • Right • From the album Young Americans • Released 7 March 1975

Lead vocals • David Bowie
Rhythm guitar • Carlos Alomar
Bass guitar • Willie Weeks
Drums • Andy Newmark
Clavinet • Mike Garson
Alto sax • David Sanborn
Conga • Larry Washington •
Backing vocals • Luther Vandross • Robin Clark • Ava Cherry • Geoff MacCormack

Production & Mixing • Tony Visconti • Harry Maslin

Always more videos to follow, so please keep your electric eye on me babe!

I don’t own the rights, and I’m not making any money out of this etc. Just a fan making videos for other fans.

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