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David Bowie & Goldie Interview clip (Goldie: When Saturn Returnz, documentary 1998)

December 19th, 2021 | by Nick

Short clip of David Bowie taken from the 1998 Channel 4 documentary, Goldie: When Saturn Returnz.

Goldie: When Saturn Returnz takes us on a roller coaster ride through the frenetic life of the Godfather of Drum and Bass. A journey that takes us from Wolverhampton to Tokyo, Miami to Hong Kong; through his years in council care and his life as a musician and international pop star.

This portrait of Goldie is a story about pain and anger but also about seeking a place of enunciation and belonging. The film follows Goldie back into his childhood and early experiences of otherness and not-belonging. It investigates the singer’s various ways of expressing himself in art and music, whether through break-dance, graffiti or drum & bass music.

Along the way we meet his family, his collaborators and his celebrated friends, David Bowie and Noel Gallagher.

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