Ricochet : David Bowie 1983 by Denis O’Regan Deluxe Box Set *Exclusive DBN Offer!*

April 23rd, 2023 | by Nick
Ricochet : David Bowie 1983 by Denis O’Regan Deluxe Box Set *Exclusive DBN Offer!*

This year sees the 40th anniversary of David Bowie’s Serious Moonlight Tour, one man who was there to capture everything was Bowie’s official tour photographer, Denis O’Regan.

In 2018 Denis released the stunning deluxe box set, Ricochet : David Bowie 1983, made in association with David Bowie and his estate.


The package contains:

The limited edition book: One 17.51×11.69 inch (445×297 mm) cloth covered coffee table book, 320 pages, 150 gsm paper, thread sewn, case bound. Ricochet contains hundreds of exceptional personal and intimate photographs which are being shared for the first time, and every image in the book was personally approved by David Bowie. Many photographs feature captions by Denis with a personal memory. The book also contains facsimiles of handwritten lyrics by David from songs performed on the tour.

Three signed limited edition prints: Three 20×16 inch (508×406 mm) fine art photographic prints and matching certificates on Hahnemühle 308 gsm Photo Rag paper signed and hand numbered by Denis O’Regan; each in a limited edition of 50 prints, identified by Tagsmart advanced secure encryption. Delivered in a folder referencing David’s Serious Moonlight stage attire.


Four additional books: Four 10.8 inch (254×203 mm) hardback cloth covered books of 64 pages, each featuring a graphic representation of one of David’s Serious Moonlight tour stage costume.

Book 1 – Serious Moonlight: Features a ticket from every city on the tour.

Book 2 – You Pretty Things: Features additional photographs, including contact sheets marked up by David.

Book 3 – Divine Symmetry: Features copies of set lists, itineraries, rooming lists, stage set designs, costume designs, and other tour related memorabilia.

Book 4 – Word On a Wing: Features words and lyrics by David Bowie and an introduction by Denis O’Regan.

Exclusive vinyl: One exclusive limited edition 12 inch red vinyl featuring ‘Ricochet’ on Side A and ‘Let’s Dance’ (remastered by Nile Rodgers) on Side AA.

Bowie estate certificate: One 20×16 inch (508×406 mm) certificate signed by the photographer; featuring the individual book number and official David Bowie Estate stamp designed by Jonathan Barnbrook and authenticated by Tagsmart advanced secure encryption, and a comprehensive list of the contents of the book package.

Watch the making of video..


Denis tells the story behind the book..

“David was excited by my proposal to cover his ‘Serious Moonlight’ tour and produce a book. He really took it to heart, and ensured that I had total access to him throughout the world tour – way more than I’d expected. No photographer has ever spent so much time with David. Four years after the eight month 1983 tour, I also covered his entire 1987 ‘Glass Spider’ tour. The ‘Serious Moonlight’ book was published by Doubleday in 1984 for which David wrote the introduction. Over the years I’d wanted to produce other books, and agreed a title with David: ‘Millions Weep A Fountain’. In the Nineties though there was little interest from publishers.

By the 21st Century technology enabled publishing and distribution without requiring a traditional publisher, so the idea came about to mine the huge archive of thousands of images that David and I held in London and New York. We wanted to tell the story of David’s year in depth once and for all, providing as much exclusive material as possible, such as images with David’s approval markings, set list, rooming list, newsletters and so much more. It’s the story of a huge world tour – the biggest of that year, and David’s most successful to date. My personal set of tickets and many unseen images were scanned and restored, which took months.

Limited edition signed & numbered fine art prints are justifiably expensive, so I included three in the boxed set, along with five books and limited edition 12 inch red vinyl. The prints alone justify the price of the boxed set. Even the certificates of authenticity are special. ‘Blackstar’ designer Jonathan Barnbrook designed the main certificate which features a David Bowie Estate stamp, based on the ‘ex libris’ stamp that authenticates David’s personal book collection. That and the print certificates are authenticated using a digital system with manufactured DNA. This really is a special item, and every image was approved by David Bowie. It was hoped that David could have signed the certificates, but that wasn’t to be.

David had planned to publish a book featuring 100 personal items that meant something to him. That would have provided an incredible insight into his life, but having signed a publishing contract with Penguin Random House his health deteriorated and the project was cancelled. He suggested that I take over that contract and produce my own book, which became ‘Ricochet : David Bowie 1983’. A small version of the large coffee table book within the boxed set was released as ‘Ricochet – An Intimate Portrait’. David was very kind to me, giving me the most amazing opportunity. This is a landmark product, and it’s my tribute to my chum David Bowie”.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Serious Moonlight Tour, Denis has very kindly offered followers of David Bowie News the chance to purchase this beautiful, limited edition set for the special price of £2500 (that’s £500 discount! Plus an additional signed A3 print) a payment plan is available (5 payments of £500, for payment plan orders, please email Ricochet@davidbowienews.com)

There are only 10 copies available at this price and the cut off date to order is Sunday 21st May, free shipping in the UK, worldwide shipping is available, check website for details.

To order visit here and enter DBN in the discount code section to receive your exclusive discount & signed print.

*The 3 signed & numbered prints that are included in this set sell for around £2500, so with everything else you get, 5 books and the exclusive red vinyl this is a great investment for any Bowie fan, don’t miss out, secure your copy today!*

All photographs © Denis O’Regan.


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